What are some websites that provide freelance proofreading and editing jobs for PhD graduates?

Remote jobs such as freelance academic editing are highly desirable in today’s climate. However, the jobs on general purpose freelance job sites are not that great. The pay is often insultingly low, and the clients have unrealistic expectations.

To find reputable companies that provide academic freelance jobs, do this instead: go to the website of a journal that publishes in your subject and look at the instructions for authors, there usually is a link to services that will edit research for non-native English speakers. You can then go to this website and apply for a freelance position.

For instance, the Author Instructions of Intelligent Service Robotics, an engineering journal, lists two companies, whereas Cell Metabolism, a biology journal, lists another.

As of this writing, the major players in this market are

In addition, there are numerous specialist editing companies.

In my experience, the need for science and engineering based editors is high, but it takes a bit of work to come up to a professional standard. I describe my experience in more detail in my Medium article on the topic.

Did I miss any important editing companies off of my list? Let me know in the comments!

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