2021 in review

It’s January again, and as we look forward to a new year, I thought I’d recap some of the stuff Moravec Science Editing has been up to in 2021 on Medium, Google Scholar, and YouTube.

Medium: This viral meme about Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr seems like a fairly harmless way to support women in science and technology. Unfortunately, the origins of Wi-Fi are more complex and almost completely unrelated to Lamarr herself. In my Medium article, No, Hedy Lamarr did not ‘make’ Wi-Fi, I take a serious, technology-based look at the claims in this meme. I argue that spreading misinformation about Hedy Lamarr disrespects the women in science and technology who reallly are inventing amazing things.

Elsewhere on Medium, The Weird World of Garden Path Sentences is a fun look at what happens when language gets too concise (yes, it’s possible), and How to Resolve the Oxford Comma Debate Once and For All remains one of my most popular articles. You can see all of my Medium writing here. If you enjoy what you read and are a Medium member, please give me a few claps at the end. Medium will send me a few pence if you do.

Google Scholar: Most of the authors whose papers I edit do not acknowledge editing help, but a few do! This year, my name appeared in several published papers. If you’d like to see examples of my editing work, these papers are a good place to look. (However, please note that I don’t proof the final papers before they go to press.) It was a real pleasure to have been involved, even in a small way, with bringing this fantastic research to publication.

  1. Ogiwara, Kazuto, and Hiroyuki Kubo. “Visibility Enhancement for Transmissive Image using Synchronized Side-by-side Projector–Camera System.” SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Posters. 2021. 1-2.
  2. Yamagiwa, Yushi, and Hiroyuki Kubo. “A parallel guaranteed projector-camera system for dual videography.” SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Posters. 2021. 1-2.
  3. Wei, Yuanye, et al. “Optimal reactive power dispatch using an improved slime mould algorithm.” Energy Reports 7 (2021): 8742-8759.
  4. Satoh, Noriaki. “Spectral decomposition of heart rate variability using generalized harmonic analysis.” Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 70 (2021): 103050.
  5. Xingguang, Liu, et al. “Building a Question Answering System for the Manufacturing Domain.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.10044 (2021).
  6. Liu, Chunlei, et al. “An integrated autoregressive model for predicting water quality dynamics and its application in Yongding River.” Ecological Indicators 133 (2021): 108354.
  7. Yamagata, Koichi, et al. “Computer Vision System for Expressing Texture Using Sound-Symbolic Words.” Frontiers in Psychology 12 (2021).
  8. Baba, Takahiro, Kensuke Baba, and Daisuke Ikeda. “Citation Count Prediction using Abstracts.” Journal of Web Engineering (2019).
  9. Maeda, Atsushi, and Hirofumi Tatsumoto. “Impact of Modularization on the Design Process-Case Study of Antenna Design for Smartphones.” 2021 International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP). IEEE, 2021.
  10. Wang, Cheng, et al. “Deep regression adaptation networks with model-based transfer learning for dynamic load identification in the frequency domain.” Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 102 (2021): 104244.
  11. Nakao, Megumi, et al. “Kernel-based modeling of pneumothorax deformation using intraoperative cone-beam CT images.” Medical Imaging 2021: Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling. Vol. 11598. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2021.
  12. Zhang, Guilan, et al. “Relationship between the Metadata and Relevance Criteria of Scientific Data.” Data Science Journal 20.1 (2021).

There are even two acknowledgments for this year already!

  1. Mathema, Vivek Bhakta, et al. “CRISP: a deep learning architecture for GC× GC–TOFMS contour ROI identification, simulation and analysis in imaging metabolomics.” Briefings in Bioinformatics (2022).
  2. Jiang, Zongchen, et al. “Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Detection of Marine Oil Spills Using an Adaptive Long-Term Moment Estimation Optimizer.” Remote Sensing 14.1 (2022): 157.

A full list of my acknowledgements appearing on Google Scholar can be found here.

YouTube: Finally, I’ve been posting a few videos to my YouTube channel about Microsoft Word. In the course of using Word every day, I’ve become pretty familiar with its quirks and bugs. This is a fun project that needs a bit more attention paid to it, but I’m quite proud of what is there. If you’d like to encourage me, please subscribe to the channel!

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