Which websites have lots of research papers?

If you’re looking for a specific topic, Google Scholar is the best option. I discuss how to use that resource here. But what if you just want to browse recent research? In this article, I list three resources you could consider.

If you just want to browse recent papers and see what is popular across all disciplines, then one resource you could consider is EurekAlert!.

This is a website for science journalists. It’s where writers for for popular science publications like Wired, Scientific American, and New Scientist come to look for stories. Researchers post press releases about their studies, hoping to garner interest in their work. The press releases are (or should be) written for a general audience, so they are easy to understand, and the very, very latest research over a broad range of disciplines is featured. There are links to the papers in each press release, although some might be behind a paywall.

The second option is Quanta Magazine. It is a website with science articles, not a science papers, but the articles are written at an extremely high level and are well researched. The articles are more curated than they are on EurekAlert! because they may be based on a single breakthrough, but they can consider more than one study or research approach in each article. This makes it a good resource for understanding broader and current trends in scientific research, which can lead you on to specific topics and research studies.

A final option for engineers and computer scientists is IEEE Access. This is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It publishes papers on a wide range of topics (in engineering and computer science of course) that are aimed at a general audience. Like Quanta, it is a good springboard for getting an overall view of the state of research, which can lead you on to more specific topics and published papers.

Are there other good resources like these that should also be mentioned? Let me know!

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